Axel Hesse

Keynote Speaker, Motivator, Serial Entrepreneur, Business Coach

Axel is Axel

no matter what

He is always authentic and straightforward. Besides corporates and "German Mittelstand" he is consulting and mentoring startups and young entrepreneurs. He speaks his mind and helps to think outside the box.



Since 20 years Axel Hesse is a successful serial entrepreneur. he has a large expertise in brand-building, e-commerce, digitalization and social media. axel's way to express himself inspires his friends and business partners around the world.

Traditional business models will be disrupted by the silicon valley giants or innovative young startups. Not tomorrow - right now! Beating around the bush is not helpful - you have to tell the truth! I just convince people to think more in a creative way and to execute faster. The future starts now!

Axel Hesse


Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy     Diageo     Radeberger Brauerei     Benson & Hedges     Universal Music     OpenTable     GutscheinPony

Video Format "Freisprecher" auf Grü 

Director and Mentor at Founder Institute Berlin

Gastdozent National Technical University of Ukraine
"Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"


Axel Hesse is a business coach & mentor, keynote speaker, he is lecturing at the university and presenting different business events. he is mentoring & consulting companies about

Digitale Transformation

Motivation und positive Energie

Scheitern = Lernen

CEO / Gründertum


Work Life Balance

Languages: German and English


„Die Heiterkeit in Person“

Dieter Kronzucker, Journalist

Das wandelnde und lebende High 5

Business Punk, Magazin

„What a talent!“

Thomas Angst, VP of Sales and Restaurant Relations at OpenTable

Von all unseren Keynote Speakern war Axel derjenige, der am offensten Mängel & Fehler angesprochen hat - auch seine eigenen!

Marco Janck, SEO Campixx

„I remember Axel's epic speech for the Founder Institute very well - online marketing at it's best - the audience (even Jawed Karim - founder of YouTube) was stunned...

Adeo Ressi, CEO Founder Institute



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Videos mit Axel Hesse

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